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Kraft Paper Cutlery Pouch and Cup Holder

With the kraft paper pouch you can nicely and neatly lay out cutlery, or chopsticks for sushi. The internal lamination means the pouch is durable and reliable. Also, the packaging is ready-to-use and takes a minimum of storage space.

By using the cup holder, you don’t have to touch a hot cup and it helps you comfortably carry several drinks. The holder also has a reliable lock. The carrier design prevents deformation and the cups can’t fall out.

Origamo cutlery pouch, 180х60 mm

Quantity in a package: 1 000 pcs

Length, mm Width, mm
180 60
Origamo cup holder, two cups, with a handle, 245х96х170 mm

Quantity in a package: 250 pcs

Dimensions, mm Diameter, mm
245х96х170 80
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